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  • Mono cyanamide

    Product Name: Mono cyanamide

    Scientific name: cyanamid, Mono cyanamide ammonia, cyanamid for short

    Molecular formula: CN2H2

    Molecular weight: 42.02

    Physical and chemical properties: crystalline mono cyanide is unstable,colourless and easy deliquescence with the shape of a diamond, melting point is 46 ℃, boiling point is 83 ℃, flash point is about 141 ℃. the heat capacity value is 2.29 kJ •℃ when the temperature is on 0-30 ℃ or so. Cyanamid has a high solubility in water with weak acidity. The liquid 30% -50% cyanamid is an acidic and general PH is between 4.2and 5.0, mutual dissolution with water on 43 ℃. Mono cyanide ammonia contain cyano and amino that both are active group. It has the multi-reaction performance of the above functional groups, which is easy to happen some reactions such as addition, substitution, condensation.

    Cyanamid solution is used as defoliant and non-toxic insecticidal agent for fruit trees at abroad . Crystalline mono cyanide ammonia is widely used in the synthesis of medicine, health care products, feed additives and pesticide intermediates.

    Cyanamid is an important intermediate of pesticide. It can be used to produce follow pesticides such as: fungicide carbendazim, benomyl, methylpyrimidine, pyrimidine, insecticide pirimicarb, MDYL, herbicide chlorosulfuron methyl, Methyl sulfosulfuron, metosulfuron methyl, ether benzenesulfuron, bensulfuron methyl, Pyridine sulfosulfuron, cyclazinone etc.