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  • Aminoguanidine Carbonate

    Product Name: Aminoguanidine Carbonate

    Product alias: aminoguanidine bicarbonate, aminoguanidine supercarbonate

    Product Category: Intermediate/Pharmaceutical Intermediate

    Molecular weight: 136.11

    Melting point: 170-172℃

    Density: 1.6g/cm3

    Water solubility: <5g/L (20℃)

    Appearance: White crystalline powder

    Physical Properties: White or slightly reddish crystalline powder, softness, almost insoluble in water, insoluble in alcohol and other acids; product is gradually decomposed into red when heated to 45℃.

    Usage: It is widely used in various fields such as medicine, pesticide, dyestuff. It can also be used as a synthesizer for color film, plastic foaming agent and initiating explosive Tequlalv.